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If you need a hand for a couple of hours or days, a team of scaffolders, a chippie-sparkie combo, a couple of truck drivers or dogman and riggers, whatever you need we have them, so call us now! LabourKing has an army of Kingsman that trumps the competition, and is ready and waiting to get on your site and support your project from beginning to end and everything in-between! Let us take care of all your staffing needs from training, vetting and testing, through to conflict management, wages and daily communication.

LabourKing provides a full staffing solution, simply tell us what, where and when and there’ll be a Kingsman waiting at the ready!

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Industries we serve

We proudly have the capabilities to partner with a uniquely broad range of industries. A combination of our recruitment expertise and our exclusive in-house laboratory results enables us to specifically place the greatest candidates in Australia, to any tailored project!

The Construction Industry

Construction is LabourKing’s market leading service, in which has proudly grown nation-wide as well as equipped us with the equity to outreach our other sectors. We have the professional experience in a diverse range of different construction sites varying from building singular homes, to large scale mining sites. Within this field we have a huge pool of focused, skilful talent holding the necessary qualifications and matching attitudes. Some of these roles include but are not limited to;
Carpenters, concreters, Machine Operators, Dogmen, Roller Operators, Joiners, Skilled Labourers, Labourers, Leading hands, Crane Operators, And so many more!

The Warehouse & Logistics Industry

We are happy to help assist manufacturing companies with any of our top candidates in the warehousing and logistics field. Within this exciting and ever changing sector we provide the most efficient;
Assemblers, General factory hands, Drivers, Process Workers, Machine Operators, Pickers/ Packers, Fitters, Supervisors, Technicians, Forklift Operators, Storemen, Stock takers, Truck Drivers, CAD operators and again many, many more!

The Hospitality Industry

All around Australia, LabourKing has worked closely in producing the most effective talent solutions to the most thrilling entertainment events around the country. This involves a wide-range of assistance such as help in event set up, a bump out labourer or even a highly skilled technician! We can ensure you these industry professionals in a timely manner.
General labourers, catering staff, Concert Crew, Touring crew, Forklift drivers, EWP operators, Truck drivers, Traffic controllers, Test and tag, Electricians, Photographers, Hair and makeup artists, Visual, Lighting and Audio Technicians, and the list goes on!

The Telecommunications Industry

Modern telecommunications generate a lifeline of global commerce. With this ongoing trend, LabourKing has developed an intimate understanding of the market and as a result, has attained readily expert professionals available for telecommunications related projects. Our tech savvy individuals are both skilled and experienced in installation cabling and civil or non-civil roles. In addition to this, we have carefully selected the most reliable, highly motivated and punctual workers to enter our pool of talent.
Site supervisors, Lines workers, CAD operators, General labourers, Pit and pipe workers, Construction managers, Field technicians, Operations managers, Plant/ machinery operators, Project managers, Telecommunications Technicians, NBN Installers and an extensive amount more!

The Agriculture and Horticulture Industry

Another sector to our business we are committed to is the Agriculture and Horticulture industry! LabourKing has an integrated database network of staff with Horticulture trade qualifications and Trade Certificate employees who are devoted in conserving Australia’s heritage for future generations to enjoy. We also partner with companies who implement vegetation management and specialized landscaping projects. Our employees within this meaningful sector are creative, experienced and actively up for any assorted challenge, to which we love to utilise!
Station managers, Overseers, Farm hands, Grain handlers, Machinery Operators, Drivers, Stock handlers, Jackeroos, Irrigation Workers, Domestic staff, Gardeners, General labourers

The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is also a subdivision we have become experts in recruiting for. This is a sector open to a variety of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, automobile and many more, where certainly our charismatic talent is more than capable in achieving your finished product. Variations of manufacturing roles we can assist you with are;
Boilermakers/ Welders, Construction crews, Assemblers, Fabricators, Crane Operators, Electricians, Marine Fitters, MC Drivers, Mobile plant operators, Pipe fitters, Pit technicians, Production coordinators, Refrigeration technicians, Sample prep persons, Service crew, Shift supervisors, Site administrators, Stores persons, Trades assistants, Diesel mechanics, draftsmen and so much more.

The Mining Industry

Australia’s mining industry is a billion-dollar export income, and consequently is a provider in over 7750,000 employees. We assist our mining partners with not only the most skilled talent in this industry, but furthermore these workers are competitively more refreshed and revived than any other FIFO worker, due to our creation of the ‘entertainment package,’ as mentioned earlier. The roles we can cover our mining partners are as followed:
Administrators, Caterers, Cleaners, Dump truck drivers, Electricians, Geologists, Health & Safety Supervisors, Mine machine operators, Vehicle maintenance, Plant maintenance, Crane Operators, Mechanics, Fitters, Welders, Boilermakers, Engineers, Mine Managers, Dozer Operators and an infinite more positions.

The Rail Industry

LabourKing additionally supplies rail staffing solutions to Government and non-government and certainly strive to hit above and beyond in each initiative highest expectations. Such assignments may require our railway labourers to prepare, lay and repair railway tracks and other transportation pathways, or constructing and repairing signage needs to facilitate in the proper operation of railway and tram services. Our employees who have an impressive combination of qualifications, blended with experience in other specialities in the Railway sector are:
RISI labourer, RISI painter, RISI scaffolder, RISI carpenter, Track protection officer, RISI electrician

The Oil & Gas Industry

Australia is one of only three net hydrocarbons exporting nations in the OECD, and the largest net exporter of coal. Here at LabourKing, we proudly deliver our most competent, skilled and devoted talent to Australia’s oil and gas exploration and production industries. Our partners within this field vary from independent energy companies that explores for, develops and produces natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids and focused exclusively on inner regions of Australia, to leading coal seam gas companies who are key players in the global economy. In this sector our staff remain satisfactorily updated in safety, health, environmental performance and most recently; community engagement as a result of our unique ‘entertainment packages.’ We will facilitate your production and capital through roles such as:
Electricians, Welders/ Boilermakers, Fitters/ Tuners, Refinery specialists, Drillers, Production operators, Engineers, Maintenances, Health & Safety supervisors, Geologists and a great amount more.

The Transport & Logistics Industry

We recognize the demand for transport and logistics as a necessity in every industry. LabourKing has a pool of dedicated, experienced and fully licenced drivers eager to get on the road. These positions include:
Allocators, Auto electricians, Automotive mechanics, Dockhands, Fitters, Forklift operators, Line haul drivers, Drivers, Supervisors, Truck drivers and a vast amount more.


Working in the mines, oil & gas rigs and other remote areas certainly can cause extensive amounts of stress. We understand this to be a predominant causer in high turnover within this field of work, resulting in a costly increase in additional recruitment processes, inductions and training schemes. To prevent this, we have formed ‘entertainment packages,’ to sincerely consider the environment of these workers, and to keep them active outside of work.

We predict sourcing this kind of vulnerability early will resolve the core problems associated with working in the mines and remote areas, and consequently will result in much happier, refreshed and hard-working individuals for your business.


We feel honoured to have many Indigenous employees who are both skilled and experienced, particularly within our construction sector! We differ from other recruitment agencies for the simple fact that we proactively meet Indigenous employment targets, whether it’s through requirements of contractors working on Government projects, or simply offering you consultative help in maximising the Indigenous employment opportunities.

In addition to these unique avenues, we also offer pre-employment training courses that are delivered in a culturally appropriate manner, with the support of Indigenous mentors. It is these mentors that can collaborate effectively our clients and also our Indigenous employees to maximise attendance, productivity and retention.

We are proud of what we do.

At LabourKing we take complete initiative in being a nation-wide leader amongst labour-hire agencies. Our candidates are thoroughly examined through a seven-stage recruitment process in our in-house labs to undeniably confirm all necessary certificates, tickets, skills, experience, personal protective equipment and attitude! Our key objective through this analysis is to gain hard working professionals that can slot in seamlessly to your team environment and project. Through balancing efficiency and quality, we maintain premium talent to deliver stress free services and ultimately match success to your needs! Have a look what our trusted clients have to say!

Very Happy, the guys are on time and they had their own transport!
LabourKing is very affordable and the guys are always good, they are good Suppliers and have good communication and they provide good follow up, all the staff are funny and easy to talk to!
The LabourKing team is easy to deal with and always very helpful, they are a pleasure to deal with.
They are always easy to call and organise labourers, they get labourers really quickly. We have had no problems with LabourKing at all!