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Permanent employment

Deciding to increase your workforce is a big decision for any business. That’s why we understand the need to get it right the first time! Let us take care of all your staffing needs from training, vetting and testing, through to conflict management, wages and daily communication.

LabourKing provides a full staffing solution – permanent employment, simply tell us what, where and when and there’ll be a Kingsman waiting at the ready!

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PROACTIVE COMPLIANCE -We don’t wait for you to have a problem – we’ll analyse your documentation and processes, find gaps, and help you fix them before things escalate.


  • Employee policies, employment contracts, leave entitlements
  • Fair Work Act issues, legal obligations
  • Employee dismissal, redundancy, termination
  • Handling unfair dismissal, bullying, harassment claims
  • Awards, superannuation, salaries and pay rates

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Industries we serve

We proudly have the capabilities to partner with a uniquely broad range of industries. A combination of our recruitment expertise and our exclusive in-house laboratory results enables us to specifically place the greatest candidates in Australia, to any tailored project!

Blue Collar Industry

We are quickly developing our reputation in the management and leadership sector within the blue collar industries. We now have a strong pool of Site Foreman / Leading Hands / Estimators and various other project management candidates. It’s cost – effective hiring! we guarantee our recruitment fees are lower than anyone else in the market today!Whether you need them for a few days or you’re looking to take on someone permanently give us a call!

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White collar industry

Reputation is everything, and it’s often your front line, administrative and customer service representatives that create lasting impressions. At LabourKing, we are focused on supporting New South Wale businesses by increasing productivity, improving efficiency and delivering tangible operational outcomes through the placement of high performing white collar candidates.
Considering the needs of your internal and external stakeholders, we align our white collar recruitment strategy to your operational needs – identifying the most resource efficient solution to suit your unique staffing requirements. We recruit for positions including: Receptionists, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Managers, Administrative Roles, Call Centre Staff, Data Entry Personnel

Get your Juniors from us!

Recruiters, sales & entry level professionals! With our intensive 4 month recruitment internship program LabourKing prides itself on finding the best of the best. If your looking for that next junior recruiter or staff member to join your team contact us now. These young professionals are proven, loyal and have that stick ability that not many have today. They are ambitious, driven and ready to jump at the next opportunity!


Working in the mines, oil & gas rigs and other remote areas certainly can cause extensive amounts of stress. We understand this to be a predominant causer in high turnover within this field of work, resulting in a costly increase in additional recruitment processes, inductions and training schemes. To prevent this, we have formed ‘entertainment packages,’ to sincerely consider the environment of these workers, and to keep them active outside of work.

We predict sourcing this kind of vulnerability early will resolve the core problems associated with working in the mines and remote areas, and consequently will result in much happier, refreshed and hard-working individuals for your business.


We feel honoured to have many Indigenous employees who are both skilled and experienced, particularly within our construction sector! We differ from other recruitment agencies for the simple fact that we proactively meet Indigenous employment targets, whether it’s through requirements of contractors working on Government projects, or simply offering you consultative help in maximising the Indigenous employment opportunities.

In addition to these unique avenues, we also offer pre-employment training courses that are delivered in a culturally appropriate manner, with the support of Indigenous mentors. It is these mentors that can collaborate effectively our clients and also our Indigenous employees to maximise attendance, productivity and retention.

We are proud of what we do.

At LabourKing we take complete initiative in being a nation-wide leader amongst labour-hire agencies. Our candidates are thoroughly examined through a seven-stage recruitment process in our in-house labs to undeniably confirm all necessary certificates, tickets, skills, experience, personal protective equipment and attitude! Our key objective through this analysis is to gain hard working professionals that can slot in seamlessly to your team environment and project. Through balancing efficiency and quality, we maintain premium talent to deliver stress free services and ultimately match success to your needs! Have a look what our trusted clients have to say!

Very Happy, the guys are on time and they had their own transport!
LabourKing is very affordable and the guys are always good, they are good Suppliers and have good communication and they provide good follow up, all the staff are funny and easy to talk to!
The LabourKing team is easy to deal with and always very helpful, they are a pleasure to deal with.
They are always easy to call and organise labourers, they get labourers really quickly. We have had no problems with LabourKing at all!